Project Brief

How can IMC be a part of changing the world? Well, by bringing on a company like AgTechLogic, who’s mission is to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals being used in agriculture and weed management.

IMC was tasked with creating an entire brand identity for this client, develop a complete portfilio of creative assets to educate customers, and tap into new sales channels effectively.

Campaign Creative

The Challenge

Bringing an innovative agriculture technology company to market takes a keen plan of action. IMC was tasked with bringing an entire brand identity to life, determining consumer segmentation, and developing  a sales strategy that would leverage digital marketing efforts.

Additionally IMC was asked to create a comprehensive investor relations strategy for this new business.

The Plan

This go-to-marketing company launch was an all hands on deck strategy. Our goal was to strongly position ATL as an industry game changer by leveraging product diffrentials, discovering new sales channels, and creating comprehensive messaging to reach those new segments.

With effective lead nurturing, digital campaigns, and impactful video content, we were ready for growth.

The Solution

With AgTechLogic’s new positioning in the marketplace, we enabled ATL to be accepted into 2 business accelertor programs, receive sizable investments, and secure high profile new customers.

Due to the growth of the company, ATL has grown their internal teams, increased their inventory, expanded their R&D, and is in the process of fulfilling orders far beyond their forecasting.

Our Services

IMC manages almost every aspect of marketing for this established brand. From creative direction, content creation, social/digital, B2B & B2C, public relations, video direction, ecommerce, and experiential.

Brand Creation
Investor Relations
Digital Marketing
Investor Meetings
% Customer Growth

Digital Creative

Bringing on a consultant is a big decision. It affects the DNA of one’s company/brand. In the case of Intellective Consulting, we have realized that bringing on a consultant is similar to adding a “super power”.

Tom Gauthier, Founder & CEO | AgTechLogic