Project Brief

How to bring a buzz-worthy new product to market and generate attention in an entire new product category? IMC delivered a comprehensive brand strategy for Sweetums Wipes, with a fun and sexy approach that encouraged confidence and a whole lot of relational flirt.

A complete go-to-market campaign including business plan, forecasting, creative directing, packaging, website, digitial campaigns throughout D2C, and Wholesale sales channels.

Campaign Creative

The Challenge

This new brand was referred to IMC by a previous client. We are so honored past clients believe so much in us that they help spread the word, especially to innovative brands like Sweetums.

Sweetums Wipes needed a full product launch strategy and activation, including developing complete annual marketing plan, budget, and forecasting.

The Plan

IMC wanted to present a big-impact plan of action to help bring extra buzz to this new product. We started with clearly defining customer segmentations by creating comprehensive focus groups to help us refine our launch campaigns and understand the brand messaging.

Being a new product category, we needed to go big on all aspects including strong influencer campaign and effective PR.

The Solution

Within 6 months, Sweetums was officially launched, and within weeks – their ecommerce sales exceeded expectations.

We quickly helped them develop an entire new flavor series that was introduced shortly after in order to meet the demand.

Sweetums received significant press and media attention by positioning the brand and it’s founder as a category game changer.

Our Services

Team IMC led a significant portion of brand strategy including patent assistance, product development, packaging, creative direction, content creation, social/digital, B2B & B2C, public relations, video direction, and ecommerce.

Business Planning
Content Creation
Public Relations
Content Directions
Press Pick Ups
National Retailers
SKUs Launched

Digital Creative

Launching a brand is such an overwhelming, yet exciting adventure. Amy and the entire team at Intellective were absolutely amazing partners to help bring Sweetums to reality. Smart, savvy, and completely professional marketers.

Dr. Alisa Brady, Founder & CEO | Sweetums Wipes